Patanjali Body Lotion

Patanjali Body Lotion Review, Benefits, Uses, Price

pantanjali body lotion

Patanjali products are in super demand these days, especially skincare products. I myself have been using these herbal and ayurved Patanjali products by Baba Ramdev for quite some time now. They have many amazing natural products available for various needs. Today I will be sharing a review about Patanjali body lotion which is available in India and its price. This amazing patanjali body lotion is made from natural herbal material, which work wonders for the skin. Patanjali body lotion is not only amazing for the skin but also comes at a very affordable price.


Patanjali Body Lotion Price

Patanjali Body Lotion price in India is just Rs 60 for 100 ml, which is quite affordable compared to other brands which are available.


Patanjali Body Lotion Ingredients

Each 10 grams of this Patanjali Body Lotion contains :


Ingredients Quantity
Wheat Germ Oil 10.00 mg
Lodh Extracts 2.50 mg
Manjisht Extracts 2.50 mg
Turmeric Extracts 2.50 mg
Aloe Vera Extracts 2.50 mg
Cucumber Extracts 2.50 mg
Saffron 0.05 mg


Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Patanjali body lotion comes packed in sturdy plastic bottle which has a flip top cap, making it easy to use. The packaging of this bottle is quite simple and there is nothing fancy about it. This body lotion is white in color and has a creamy texture. Patanjali claims that this body lotion is made from natural products and doesn’t contain any chemicals like the rest of the body lotions available in the market. I have used many body lotions in the past But haven’t found any body lotion which is as good as Patanjali Body Lotion.

This body lotion from Patanjali contains aloe vera which is the best moisturizing product. The patanjali body lotion is super moisturizing and can be used with very sensitive skin as well. It also contains many other natural products like Manjistha, cucumber, saffron, turmeric etc which helps in moisturizing even the driest of skin.

This amazing patanjali body lotion keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day in just one use. This lotion is just amazing for the skin and that too just for 60 rupees. I will recommend you to try this once.


Patanjali Body Lotion Benefits

  • This lotion works to re-hydrate dried skin
  • Moisturizes extra dry or rough spots on the skin
  • Patanjali Body Lotion Smoothens calluses
  • Makes your skin feel relaxed
  • Also is beneficial in improving your skins radiance


Pros of Patanjali Body Lotion

  1. This Body lotion is made from completely natural and herbal products
  2. The Packaging of this lotion is quite sturdy
  3. This lotion contains amazing ingredients like cucumber, wheat germ oil, also vera etc which work wonders for all skin types.
  4. This lotion provides amazing moisturization even to dry skin.
  5. This body lotion blends pretty well with your skin and penetrates deep into the skin.

Cons of Patanjali Body Lotion

  1. None that I can find


Patanjali Body Lotion is the best lotion, to fulfill your body’s moisturizing needs. If you have dry patches and rough skin then this is an amazing body lotion for you. I recommend this patanjali body lotion to all my friends and they love it too.

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